Branislav Gvozdenović is a specialist in internal medicine. He holds a PhD in pulmonology from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine.

Three years of experience as a lecturer at the Department of postgraduate pulmonology studies, School of Medicine, Belgrade. Certified lecturer at CRA Academy in Belgrade.

Works in pharmaceutical and CRO industry since 1994. Serbia and Croatia Country Manager at PPD from 2006 – 2014.

Current position: Medical Director for Respiratory Diseases, since 2014.

Throughout clinical trial program development, Dr. Gvozdenovic provides medical consultation to clients and project team members, including the medical point of view as it relates to business development and marketing applications.

He is a Board-certified physician – specialist and Primarius in Internal Medicine. Acting as an internist-pulmonologist consultant for several private clinics in Belgrade, he takes care about the treatment and management of outpatients with respiratory diseases. He authored numerous scientific articles in the field of respiratory medicine.


Work experience in many different areas of pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials, public relations, translating.

Works in clinical trials since 1997.(Vujaklija CRO, Icon, Parexel, INC Research, PSR Group), pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer) as a CRA, Study Start Up, Medical Director, Managing Director, Medical Writer, GCP Trainer, Compliance Lead, Director Compliance Oversight, Clinical Research Consultant.Since 2004, a consultant for French Research Institute MAPI – linguistic validation of PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes).Graduated at Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade.Nostrified degree at La Sapienza Rome University, Italy. Master of Science at Pharmaceutical Medicine of Hibernia College, Dublin, Ireland and School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, SAD. Postgraduate cosmetology studies at Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Luton, UK. Specialty studies Public Relations at Faculty of Economics, Belgrade. Specialty studies at ICATS, Plymouth University, UK. Currently on specialty studies of Medicinal law at Faculty of Law, “Union” University, Belgrade. Certified expert for Translational medicine (Certified Professional for Translational Medicine CPTM with European Society for Translational Medicine, Vienna, Austria) since 2015.Certified Senior Project Manager (International Project Management Association IPMA).Certified lecturer at CRA Academy Belgrade, Serbia, since 2011.Former head of ACRP Serbian Chapter (2008-2011).Currently deputy of professional organization KLINIS.


Sinisa Radulovic was born in 1953 in Kovin. He graduated at the Medical Faculty, Belgrade, followed by specialty studies in clinical pharmacology. His master study area was pharmacology and doctoral thesis was based on oncology drug development. Member of many international scientific organizations, such as AACR, EACR, ASCO, ESMO, as well as a few Serbia-based societies. Currently working on development of new oncology drugs and early phase clinical trials. Manages a few oncology research projects. Published more than 150 papers internationally, more than 50 locally and about 10 monographs and chapters. Works as a director of Sector for Science and Education, Institute for Oncology and Radiology, Serbia.